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Stuffed up with all the main courses already fellow hungry birds?

So now that we have dealt with all the major part of a meal, we had you have all the different bowls and wraps and then noodles then cookies, we got something to be served to you as sides as well. Something that you would like to chew into but not as a main dish. We have got sides keeping in mind the choices of your kids.

They may not always want a full-fledged meal or bowl of salads, and you will never want your kids to have left out hungry. So, here you go, you can try our range of sides for your kids as well as for your own self. These sides are light to savoir on and on the other hand, are healthy too. At hungry birds, we always keep in mind the health of the community of Edmonton.

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What do we get you?

We got you a variety of different sides available for you and your kids. Let's take a look at our menu chart:


Kids love chips, and so do adults. Chips are way easier to carry around and chew in them irrespective of what you have been doing. We have got for you our best potato chips ($1.50) as well as Italiano baked chips ($3.49). The baked chips are a healthier form of chips.


Although kids do not like to have salads in their food, they do love pasta. We got our fresh pasta salad with ​home made dressing, especially for your kids. Pasta is the weakest part as a kid. Along with pasta salad, we have got you broccoli salad as well. Broccoli does justice to your diet plans and can be taken as a side dish.

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Crunchy, little baked cookies are the best thing you can get for your little ones. We have delicious chocolate cookies, choco chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, almond cookies, and so many more to let your kids come for more. We have healthy cookies too for the healthy you. Cookies are the best when crunchier; we do everything in compliance with healthy as well as yummy crunchy cookies.


Cakes, what's the best thing other than some slices of cheesecakes to serve the purpose of desserts after a meal. Our cakes are completely gluten-free. We have brought you the best healthy cakes in Edmonton. The yummy, fudgy, indulgent bake is topped with rich frosting and sprinkles. You can never guess that our cakes are ​loved by all in Edmonton.


Your kids must be willing to have some bars by now. Get them our best and healthiest Nanaimo bars. They are rich in taste and nutrients. With hungry birds, now you can give your kids the best Nanaimo bars in complete Edmonton. We have different nuts in them to provide real proteins. Chocolate, nuts, coconut etc. are chief ingredients of these Nanaimo bars.

Order Gluten Free Cakes

Order ​​Gluten Free Cakes

& Nanaimo Bars



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