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A meal followed by a drink is a complete meal. Drinks give a final touch to your food. A refreshing drink is generally preferred by all before or after a meal. Not only that, if you are having a hangout with your buddies or are in a formal meeting and do not want to eat as you fear to get a heavy stomach, then you must go for drinks! Drinks will serve the purpose of keeping you light and enthusiastic. Drinks wouldn't even take much of your time.

We have in our store all the varieties of flavored drinks. Apart from this, we have fruit combo juices, soda pop cans, cocktails and mocktails etcetera. You can have your drink designed as well; you can choose from our store your favorite flavor, you can choose whether it has to be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. You can choose healthy fruit juice or even pop sodas. We always prefer your choices when we serve you a drink. Drinks have no boundaries or limitations. You do not require to dine in just to have a drink.

Order Drinks & Cocktails

​​What's special?

 Drinks are the sole purpose of every event. You want to chill; you have a drink, you are hanging around; have a drink, working late; have a drink, stressed; have a drink happy, Happy; have a drink, sad; have a drink, want to think clearly; drink something, traveling; carry some drinks with you, on a date; start with a drink and more more.

From a casual day out to formal meetings, from random meetups to regular catch-ups, dates to reunions, family get together to poolside parties, each occasion each event requires to have drinks. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, drinks are always classic and have a class. Even biologically, it has been proven that drinks can save the day. When we drink something refreshing, it has a positive effect on our hormones. A good drink saves our day by relaxing our mind and soothing us.

Order Drinks & Cocktails

What do we have for you?

At hungry birds, we have got some drinks to be taken along with your meal. To comply with your diet chart, along with healthy foods, we have in store some healthy drinks as well. We have got a variety of zero-calorie drinks that are dietful drinks.

We have got everything to make sure you are refreshed as well as get the proper amount of nutrients. We have some packed drinks in the form of beverages too. These beverages can be bought by you with or without meals. We try to cover all the top brands. These drinks can be purchased online or can be bought directly from our store.

Order Drinks & Cocktails

We are stocked up with these drinks

​In pop soda we have got; Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper, root beer, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, 7up, diet 7up etc. We have all the diet versions of the drinks to serve the diet-conscious you.

  • ​Water; we have got packed Mineral Water as well as living water.
  • Ice teas; lime tea, green tea, green tea with honey, Raspberry tea, peach tea.
  • In our Snapple drinks, we have; lemon drinks, strawberry drinks, peach drinks.
  • For dole juice; strawberry juice, kiwi juice, passion mango, Orange juice, Apple Juice.
  • Chocolate milk; specially designed for kids.
All these drinks can be taken without hesitation. They truly serve the purpose of 100% health.

Order ​​​​​​Drinks & Cocktails



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