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What's cook-ies?

Along with the meals, we have some options for desserts too. Cookies are the little crunchy bites that are loved by all. To end a fascinating meal, cookies are the best option. We provide you with that option of savoring the variety of cookies at our store. You get freshly prepared, direct from the oven cookies. It is said that cookies are loved by children only, but this is so far a myth.

We have numerous options for cookies. Our freshly baked crunchy bites have all the delicious ingredients in it. From large to small, from all-purpose flour to ​tasty cookies, we provide you with a number of options to choose from. Cookies work as a mood changer for everyone. They are light, crunchy bites and can be served during any time of the day. They can be taken with coffee or tea or without any of these.

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What variety do we have?

We have got almost all the flavors of crunchy mouth-watering cookies. All the ingredients are prepared at our store only. For instance, for chocolate cookies, we got self-made chocolate and dough is prepared by our best bakers. For choco-chip cookies, the choco chips are prepared at our store and are fresh. We have got peanut butter cookies made by our special bakers.

Monster cookies are also available as an option. All these cookies are made especially to serve the kid inside you. No matter how hard we are regarding our diet plans, we always have a soft corner for cookies. No matter how old we get or how far we have moved, we keep coming back for cookies. Everyone has some memories attached to cookies. To cherish these memories and to feel a kid again, hungry birds have brought to you, the people of Edmonton, a varied range of cookies.

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What's from the diet chart?

We have got the best quality of healthy cookies. Now you must probably be thinking what's healthy in a chocolate mixed chunkies? So here's your answer, our chunkies or cookies have in them the ingredients from your diet chart.


​Hungry birds got you yummy ​and tasty cookies. We aim for giving you the best experience of savoring healthy food and serving a healthy diet. Our ​special cookies in Edmonton are a positive and effective step towards it.


With regard to a strict diet plan, no added sweeteners, we have got follow-ups. No artificial sweeteners are used during the preparation of cookies.

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We serve to see you happy and healthy, both of which is provided by us.

 Menu list for cookies: Chocolate ​chip cookies, Monster cookies & ​​Peanut Butter cookies - $1.50

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