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​Taste the varieties under one roof

Hungry birds care for everyone. You like it steamed; we have it. You want it baked; we bake it. You want it, roasted; we provide you with that. You want it grilled; we have that.

We have got some profound collection of ​roasted chicken wraps topped with baked or crispy veggies. ​Our best quality ​chicken is ​properly roasted before its added to the healthy dishes at Hungry Birds.

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Crispy Southwest Grilled Chicken Wrap

Best ​Grilled wraps in Edmonton

We have recipes of wraps with grilled chicken that are being loved in Edmonton. The barbecued chicken wraps are highly demanded. ​Butter chicken wrap is grilled ,comes with​ tasty sour cream and creamed cheese paste. Then shredded cheese, lettuce, onion, green pepper, rice & rotisserie chicken are added.

 At last the butter chicken sauce drizzled over this super healthy and tasty grilled Wrap. ​This ​wrap is healthy and has some useful protein content in it. The whole thing is wrapped tightly and is served as a light meal.

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​​​​Wraps with Heavenly Flavors ​

​The garnishment is done by garlic sauce and seasonings with thyme leaves. All these ingredients make the wrap a heavenly one. Savoring all the flavors, you will get this wrap at hungry birds in your town, Edmonton.

Every food at our store is served with all the healthy ingredients. Every herb is hand-picked and vegetables, farm-fresh. Vegetables used in our store are chopped only to be used up and not to be stored. All these dishes are served with a variety of ​sauces ​to complete the cuisine. The ​sauces are also a choice of yours, so are the spices being added to it.

Order Butter Chicken Grilled Wrap

Order ​Butter Chicken ​Grilled Wrap



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