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BLT chicken ​Grilled wrap

A wrap is a delicious food that can be carried away and enjoyed without use of any utensils. In other words, a wrap is a hand food. It is a perfectly packed and stuffed with tasty ingredients and fillings rolled inside.

The BLT chicken wraps are a healthy option to have as they are fast, easy and tasty as well. We incorporate into our food items the goodness of macro nutrients which means complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and fresh crunchy and juicy vegetables.

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​BLT chicken ​Grilled Wrap has all the ingredients in it that makes it a go-to recipe. It can be taken as a light meal for lunch or even dinner. For the making of this wrap, crumbled bacon with ​rottisserie chicken, tomatoes, romaine lettuce leaves are tossed in ​honey mustard dressing.

​You can have this tasty wrap at Hungry birds Edmonton or can even get it delivered to you at your doorstep via skip the dishes. ​The dressing is properly homemade and is presented to you in the best way.

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Spicy Rotisserie ​Chicken BLT wraps.

The spicy avocado chicken BLT is one of the healthiest options to savor on a summer afternoon. BLT chicken is a healthy diet and the addition of some veggies and after some swaps, it is a healthified food.

 We have the option of having a healthy spiced up avocado chicken BLT wraps at our hungry bird's store. For making this delicious wrap, organic rotisserie chicken ​is used, ​tomato along with Bacon add additional nutrition to the dish.

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First the ​Cream Cheese and Sour Cream paste are placed carefully over the wrap sheets.​ Then comes the cheese lettuce, Bacon and Tomato. All of this is then topped with honey mustard dressing. And this is a taste that you will never forget. ​Sliced into two you can have it as is or even get it heated a little. This is the most preferred choice of dinner in Edmonton.

Hungry Birds BLT Chicken wraps are one of our best dishes as they are both healthier and tastier at the same time. They can be savored as a proper meal or even in the form of snacks.

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​​Order BLT Chicken Grilled Wrap



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