Hungrybirds ​Catering Edmonton

Lunch Doesn't have to be boring!

Looking for something different? Tired of Pizza for those "special" staff lunches or meetings?

Hungry Birds Catering offers a unique experience perfect for your business meetings, lunches, staff morale events, and more! Light weight (which means no bogged down greasy feeling), nutritious and delicious, our menu will leave your colleagues feeling pumped and ready to face an afternoon- or late night!- of work ahead. 

This time offer a meal that satisfies on every level, feels rewarding, and is definitely not the usual fare! 

We can customize a menu suited for your needs and budget. Call us for details.

*Please note a minimum 72 hours advance notice is required for orders serving 10 or more. Additional time may be required during the holidays, or for holiday event catering. 

Impress today with a presentation as unique as your company! 

Hungry Birds offers a different experience! You can 100% customize your order, break it down per person, or soon you'll be able to pick a package that offers a variety for every palate! 

Did you know most of your staff arrive at work having had only caffeine? This means by lunch time, productivity has already decreased by half. A quick, microwaved lunch often doesn't offer the necessary fuel to stave off sluggishness in the afternoons. Bonus! Did you know providing your employees with a balanced meal is a tax write off? Talk to your Bookkeeper and/or Accountant for details!

Our menu (image of a sample platter created for a photo shoot) offers an excellent intake of vitamins, proteins and nutrients that will help your group perform at its best! 

Hungry Birds Basic Catering Packages!

  • Salad wrap platters
  • Grilled wrap platters
  • Custom WRap Platters
  • Custom Bowl Platters
  • delivery options
  • Packages now available!

Treating your staff has never been easier! All platters/bowls (with the exception of Custom) come with a wide variety to make sure every craving is satisfied. Please note these varieties will contain a combination of vegetables, proteins, and grains. If you have an allergy, or would prefer Vegetarian Only Options, or Dairy Free, simply let us know when you call/email to place your order! Gluten Free Options are available under Custom Pricing. 

Please note that minimum notice of 48 hours is required for orders. Larger orders may require more time. Please confirm at time of ordering your delivery date, time, and location.  

Great Food, Great Results!

Make it even easier by getting it delivered!


Let's Discuss your Catering Experience!

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