Affordable and Accessible!

A grand thing happened in 2018! Hungry Birds came to nest in Edmonton to bring the community great food at affordable prices. Since then, these unique birds have been bringing us only the freshest ingredients to inspire our menu!  

Our menu items have been designed to fit a budget that is healthy for today's busy schedules. We work hard to save you time and money- two of today's most precious resources!- without sacrificing flavor.


No Waste Practices!

Hungry Birds works hard to minimize non-essential waste in our restaurant! This practice helps us keep our prices affordable to our customers, as well as doing our share to protect our environment. A few examples...

Bread Ends? Eating In? Ask for our toasted Bread Bites* as a complimentary side with your soup. 

To make our wraps "small" we cut off the ends, season and bake them crisp, then use them as salad/wrap/bowl Crunch Bits*!

We shred our Rotisserie Style Chicken in house- those beautifully rich bones are caramelized then made into our infamous Bone Marrow Soup*.

*available only while supplies last*


HOW DID hungry birds GET STARTED?

Inspired always by his supportive family, Sunny- owner and operator- decided he wanted to share the flavors that he grew up with. He was fortunate in experiencing various aspects of the Culinary Arts, and it didn't take long for the student to become a master! Once he began experimenting, well, it was just too good to keep to himself. 

"Ingredients are the secret of any dish. Respecting them, knowing how to bring out the best by starting with the best- this is what I was taught. Every customer I cook for, I cook like they were family.  In my house, food was so much more than a meal. It inspired laughter, joy, a feeling of togetherness and connection. It still does! That is something I want to share with my customers. I want them to feel like they are welcomed guests at my table. " -Sunny

Starting small at first, Sunny hopes to someday have multiple locations across the City. It was important to him to first and foremost produce quality dishes, and it was important for them to be affordable. From there, with the help and inspiration from his Hungry Bird friends and family, he learned to fly!

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Please note that as we shred our chicken in house, there is a small (1%) chance of bones. We do our absolute best to minimize this- as they taste much better as a base for our Bone Marrow Soup broth! Please forgive us if we miss one or two.

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